Inbound Marketing


Drive Lead Generation and Increase Marketing Contribution to Revenue

HubSpot’s advanced inbound marketing & sales automation technology enables brands to engage with their market in a structured and centralized hub throughout the customer lifecycle.

By combining proven campaign plans with your business objectives, we build inbound marketing initiatives that work with your ongoing strategies and programs. Then we track those initiatives to your most important goal: revenue.


Traditional Marketing is Broken

You may have heard the term “inbound marketing” before. Inbound marketing – or more the methodology – takes advantage of the evolution of technology and shift in consumer behavior and presents a solution for not only marketers but customers as well. Marketers around the world are ditching their old marketing playbook in favor of the inbound way. This is because inbound marketing turns your website into a magnet and pulls people towards your company by aligning your content with their interests. Take a look at these important stats:

Return on Investment

Companies are 3X as likely to see a higher ROI on inbound marketing campaigns than on outbound.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing delivers 54% more leads into the funnel than traditional outbound leads.

Marketing Challenges

63% of marketers say they are not generating enough traffic and leads. This is the number one marketing challenge.

Outbound Marketing

On average outbound lead generating activities cost 49% more than leads from inbound marketing.


Attract, Engage, and Delight People while Growing
Your Business Based on Value and Trust

Everything you need in a CRM to better organize, track, manage your pipeline and build
relationships with leads and customers.
Popular Features:
- Contact Insights
- Deals
- Tasks

Marketing software to help you grow traffic, convert more visitors, and run complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale.
Popular Features:
- Lead Generation
- Marketing Automation
- Analytics

Time-saving sales software that helps you get deeper insights into prospects, automate the tasks you hate and close more deals faster.
Popular Features:
- Email Tracking
- Meeting Scheduling
- Email Automation

Customer service software to help you connect with customers, exceed expectations, and turn them into promoters that grow your business.
Popular Features:
- Tickets
- Customer Feedback
- Knowledge Base

Lead Flows

Mobile-optimized pop-up forms with customizable form fields that you can deploy to any web page tracked in your HubSpot account.

Collected Forms

Collects form submissions on any external web page that has the HubSpot tracking code installed to consolidate all your contacts into a single database, regardless of which form your visitors submit.

Native Forms

Build customized forms to add to any web page tracked in your HubSpot account. Add custom fields to ask detailed, specific questions.

Facebook and Instagram Lead Ads

Create leads ads for Facebook or Instagram that automatically capture contact information and sync with your HubSpot account.

Conversations Inbox

Manage 1-to-1 communications at scale through a universal, collaborative, inbox that aggregates emails, chats, and more, can be organized into multiple inboxes, and is accessible to your entire team.

Team Email

Create team-wide email aliases that can be configured to automatically get routed to your conversations dashboard.

Live Chat

Engage in contextual, personalized conversations with leads in real time on your website.

Conversational Bots

Use bots to improve live chat efficiencies and scale 1-to-1 communications, for example, by routing leads to the appropriate salesperson.

Email Marketing

Send emails that are tested and optimized for mobile devices and different inbox providers. Measure the impact of your emails with built-in reports.


Create static or dynamically updating lists of contacts based on various segmentation criteria using properties in the HubSpot CRM or other HubSpot-synced CRM. Use lists to segment emails, content, and more.

Mobile Optimization

Content you create in your HubSpot account is optimized for mobile devices of different shapes and sizes.

User Roles

Assign varying levels of access to functionality in your HubSpot account to different members of your team.

Reporting Dashboards

See detailed metrics on marketing activity and performance.

Phone Support

Personal help from the team at HubSpot.

Blog and Content Creation Tools

Create content inside your HubSpot account with robust blogging tools. Optimize content for SEO based on best practices.

SEO and Content Strategy

Modern SEO tools help you identify topics to write about, optimize your content around best practices, and see the value of your content creation efforts.

Social Media

Schedule and publish updates, monitor terms, and analyze performance across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other popular social platforms.


Build personalized “call-to-action” buttons that aim to funnel visitors toward landing pages and conversion points on your website.

Landing Pages

Build beautiful conversion-oriented and responsive landing pages that match your website and look great on a mobile device.

Standard SSL Certificate

Secure your content and lead data with standard SSL on all HubSpot-hosted content. SSL aims to give your visitors peace of mind when it comes to security, and can also increase visibility in search.


See useful metrics on competing companies you choose to track in your HubSpot account.

Subdomain Availability

Connect your HubSpot account to a subdomain of your URL to host landing pages, blog posts, and other content you create inside your account.

Marketing Automation

Build customer journeys and automate dozens of different actions like email sends, data management, team notifications, and more using a robust visual editor.

Salesforce Integration

Bi-directionally sync contacts, companies, deals/opportunities, and tasks/activities between your Salesforce account and HubSpot account.

Smart Content

Personalize your website and email content based on segmentation rules, or broader attributes for anonymous visitors.

Attribution Reporting

Gain insight into which marketing efforts are having an impact on new contacts created and revenue generated.

A/B Testing

Run A/B tests on landing pages and emails to aim to hone in on the most effective variations in copy, design, and more.

Video Hosting and Management

Host and manage video files inside your HubSpot account. Embed videos into web pages, blogs, and social media channels, add CTAs and forms within videos to make them interactive, and track video performance with a built-in analytics dashboard.

Multiple Teams

Organize your HubSpot account users into groups that you can use to control access, filter reports, and more.

Multiple Currencies

Track and manage multiple currencies in your HubSpot account.

Hierarchical Teams

Organize users on multiple levels based on different attributes, such as teams, region, business unit, or product line.

Custom Revenue Reporting

Run granular reports that can tie your campaigns to the revenue they generate.

Custom Event Reporting

Run reports that can give you insight into custom events like video views and other granular interactions with your website or integrated web-based product.

Custom Event Triggers

Trigger automated tasks like notifications and email sends based on granular interactions with your website or integrated web-based product.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Automatically score and rank leads based on their estimated likelihood to become customers by factoring in hundreds of different engagement signals and demographic factors.

Customizable Contacts Reports

Gain insight into the number of new contacts generated or influenced by a HubSpot-hosted effort or piece of content.

Customizable Company Reports

Gain insight into the number of new companies generated or influenced by a HubSpot-hosted effort or piece of content.

Event-Based Segmentation

Segment your contacts based on granular interactions with your website or integrated web-based product. You can use these segments to personalize content, surface to Sales, and take other actions.

Single Sign-On

Enhance the security of your HubSpot account and gain more control over your team’s access by configuring a HubSpot-supported authentication provider.

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Successful inbound marketing strategies are those that are driven by data and that anticipate and embrace change. We offer customized monthly service programs designed to grow with your business as your strategy evolves.
Rather than pricing our services based on unpredictable billable hours or rigid monthly plans, this model allows us to thoughtfully plan which tasks will be completed each month based on campaign goals and what is going to drive the most value and sales for our clients.

Through the Power of Inbound Marketing, We Transform Businesses and Help Our Clients Outpace the Competition

Baseline: $3600 Per month

Our Baseline program has been structured for smaller businesses looking to stay relevant online. At this investment level, you’ll attract some organic traffic for local searches, begin to capture and convert leads on your website and maintain a healthy digital presence.

Package Includes: 20 Value Points | $160 Per Point | 90-day minimum commitment

Essential: $6800 Per Month

The Essential program is designed for small businesses looking for top-of-funnel support to build website traffic, earn subscribers, expand marketing reach and convert website leads. If you’re interested in laying profitable foundations for inbound growth into the future, this is the investment for you.

Package Includes: 40 Value Points | $150 Per Point | 90-day minimum commitment

Growth (Most Popular): $9000 Per Month

Our Growth program is tailor-made for small to mid-sized businesses hoping to engage prospects at all stages of the buyer journey. This strategic investment will arm your business with top, middle and bottom-of-funnel assets; allowing you to use the inbound methodology in its complete form.

Package Includes: 60 Value Points | $130 Per Point | 90-day minimum commitment

Full Stack: $11200 Per Month

The Full Stack marketing program has been designed for small to mid-sized businesses with aggressive growth targets. With this level of investment, you can expect several full-funnel campaigns throughout the year, each working to attract, convert, close and delight customers at a compounding rate.

Package Includes: 80 Value Points | $120 Per Point | 120-day minimum commitment

Platinum: $18800 Per Month

Our Platinum program mobilizes medium-sized companies for an unrivaled lead generation. This program is designed for companies with the budget to compete at the top of their verticals, please shareholders and expand their national and international reach.

Package Includes: 100 Value Points | $100 Per Point | 180-day minimum commitment

On Demand: $180 Per Point

Got a big brief and small budget? Grow your business with expert HubSpot Designers, Developers, Strategists, and Marketers, there when you need them.

For example, do you need a designer to design a new landing page for your upcoming campaign? No problem, just assign a todo via your private Slack channel and watch it get designed in as fast as 24 hours.

HubSpot Inbound Marketing On-Boarding: $4,750 One-Time Fee

Bought HubSpot but not sure where to start? Get the most from this market-leading platform with professional on-boarding from a certified Partner. We provide on-boarding that is entirely customized to your business. You’ll receive personalized HubSpot training for your staff, custom landing page, blog, and email templates, analytics, goals, dashboard and tracking setup, and even a digital marketing strategy template you can use to launch your first inbound campaign.

All Agile Marketing Programs Include

10% of your value point allocation goes to strategy. The rest goes to execution. Catch ups and reporting have no point allocation (3 hrs per month cap) allowing your points allocation to be used towards generating marketing results.

A digital marketing veteran with over 15 years of experience in growing businesses like yours.

Expert Inbound Marketers, Copywriters, Designers and Developers to implement your custom strategy.

A monthly review of the past month’s marketing performance, conducted by phone or video conference with screen-share.

The data-driven brainchild of your expert Inbound Strategist, geared to achieve your campaign goals.

Your strategy, your delivery, your results, whenever you need them. Your always-open Inbound Marketing Master File is your transparent view into our daily activities.

Weekly 15-30 minute catch-ups to uncover new opportunities and discuss the week's activities with your dedicated Spinfluence team member.


Your questions answered

What are Value Points?

Each of our marketing programs includes a set number of Value Points. At the start of every quarter, we use data to allocate your Value Points to the marketing activities that will drive the most value for your business. This model allows us to deliver campaigns based on your unique business, your unique audience, and your unique online opportunities.

What's included in each marketing program?

Whatever will drive measurable results for your business. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter campaigns that offer a set number of blog posts, social media messages, and SEO. Your marketing program will be designed around real audience insights and data, and only include initiatives that will have a direct positive impact on your business.

Is HubSpot COS CMS development included?

No, only landing pages are included. Websites and CMS’s are not included as part of our Inbound HubSpot packages because these are standalone projects whether we build them using HubSpot, WordPress, Shopify or any other CMS technology. However, nevertheless, we will provide you with a great discount if you are currently using one of our HubSpot Inbound Marketing packages.

Can I request activities that I'd like to include?

Of course! We encourage clients to be hands-on in the strategy and implementation of their marketing programs. We also understand that you might need a helping hand with last-minute tasks, and are more than happy to assist where we can.

What if I only want a one-off project, like a website design, development or integration?

We don’t only offer retainer-based marketing programs. Our Website Designers and Developers can tackle just about any project you throw their way. Get in touch to learn more about our award-winning HubSpot websites and first-of-their-kind integrations.

What does a website design project cost?

The short answer is, it depends. When it comes to website design, we can build you a Mazda or we can build you a McLaren, it all depends on your budget and business requirements. Contact us to gain more clarity around the investment your project will require.

What is Growth-Driven Website Design?

When it comes to your website, there’s always room for improvement. Improved conversion, improved user experience, improved organic visibility, improved speed. Growth-Driven Website Design (GDD) is a website retainer program that involves the ongoing testing and iteration of your website.

How much should I invest in inbound marketing?

If you’re only looking to stay relevant online, you can probably get away with a small inbound investment. But if you’re serious about attracting prospects, generating quality leads, taking on the big players and growing your business, your marketing investment shouldn’t be half-hearted. As a general rule of thumb, businesses should look to invest between 4-10% of their revenue into marketing to continue to grow.

Will inbound marketing work for my business?

If your products/services require a period of research and education before your prospects are ready to buy, inbound marketing is a great fit for you. However, if your products are more transactional in nature, and decisions are made mainly on price, we recommend you explore other marketing approaches like AdWords and social advertising. Contact us to learn more about those services.

When can I expect to see results?

Inbound marketing is a longer-play than other tactics (like AdWords, for example). If you’re starting from scratch and only beginning to build content assets and organic visibility, your inbound marketing efforts may take some time to build momentum. For this reason, we encourage clients to commit to the methodology for a minimum of six months. 6-12 months after starting your program, you can expect to see increases in website traffic, be generating and nurturing leads for your sales team, and be measuring positive ROI.

Do these programs include SEO and PPC?

Absolutely. Building a sustainable foundation of organic traffic will be at the heart of your inbound marketing program, and our SEO Specialists know what it takes to get you there. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be a valuable supplement to your inbound marketing program. Our Paid Media team will ensure your PPC accounts are properly set up, optimized, and your ad spend reaches the right people at the right time. Please note that your ad spend is not included in the packages. You will need to pay ad vendors (like Google or Bing) directly for the campaign budgets.

Do these programs include the price of the HubSpot software?

No, these marketing programs don’t include the cost of your HubSpot software subscription. To learn more about how working with a HubSpot Partner Agency can give you greater flexibility in your software subscription, get in touch with us today.

What is the typical ROI of inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a game of numbers, and it’s possible to put a dollar figure on the increased traffic, leads and conversions it provides.

What will my involvement be when working with Atomlabs?

We encourage our clients to be hands-on with their marketing programs. When working with us, you’ll have complete visibility into what’s happening and when. You’ll be required to review and approve content, sign off on quarterly marketing game plans and connect for weekly catch ups over the phone or via video conferencing software.

Will you set up my HubSpot platform for me?

You bet. Whether you’re just starting out on the platform or need some fine-tuning, all of our retainer marketing programs include full HubSpot set-up, buyer persona sessions, new email and landing page templates, and organization of your existing content assets.

Do you also work with WordPress or Shopify?

Yes, we have extensive experience working with the WordPress CMS and Shopify. That said, we’re proud advocates of the HubSpot CMS which provides a more robust and simple framework.

I’m an E-commerce company, what progam is right for me?

Inbound marketing can be a great methodology for E-commerce companies. HubSpot’s automated email tools have transformed some of our E-commerce clients into conversion powerhouses, with strategic cart abandonment workflows and customer reengagement tactics. If you’d like some more information about how inbound marketing can work for your business, feel free to book a complimentary, no-obligation 30-minute strategy session.
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