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You Complete Me: Help Google Help You In 2019 – Part 2

If you haven’t already read our last blog on SEO strategies for 2019, we’d encourage you to check it out. It lays the groundwork for your company to start having success in utilizing inbound marketing techniques. With that said, this is Help Google Help You Part 2. Step 5: Blog Every Week Rememb...
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You Complete Me: Help Google Help You In 2019 – Part 1

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a basic concept for most businesses. But, understanding and execution are not one and the same. Help Google help you by organizing your website’s content using the 8 steps outlined in this 2 part series. Step 1: Generate a list of short-tail keywords Develop a li...
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2018 State of Social Video: Consumer and Marketer Trends Report [Infographic]

Every year Animoto, surveys 1000 consumers and 500 marketers to gain insight into how video is influencing purchase behavior, and how marketers are keeping up with the ever-changing and increasingly video-first landscape. This year’s report includes a range of significant insights: 93% of bus...
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